Allotment Jobs for December

December is a great month to finish tidying, tackle repairs to structures and generally plan and look forward to the coming growing season!

  • Spread a thick layer of well-rotted manure or fresh compost on empty beds – feed your soil!
  • Harvest Brussels sprouts from the bottom up
  • Winter is a good time to clean tools and organise the greenhouse
  • Harvest parsnips after a hard frost, they’ll be sweeter for it
  • Apply a mulch around rhubarb crowns of well-rotted manure or compost, they’re hungry plants
  • Plant garlic if you can work the soil, otherwise use small pots and plant out once rooted
  • Mulch dahlia tubers if you plan to leave them in the ground
  • Put your feet up and drool at seed catalogues, plan your veg planting for next year.

2 thoughts on “Allotment Jobs for December

  1. At this time of year my plot visits tend to be shorter than usual and I tend to potter, or if it’s cold dig out and sieve a barrowful of compost to keep warm. xx


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