Curl Up and Fry

Record breaking temperatures hit parts of the UK yesterday, they may even be topped after today. As we Brits continue to sizzle under a red alert for extreme heat other parts of the world are also dealing with higher temperatures and wild fires. Scary stuff.

It has been a struggle to keep the allotments lush and green, I have kept up with regular watering which is hard going when all you want to really do is stay home and sit in a bath tub of ice cubes. Here’s a photo of plot 11w, I think it’s looking OK considering.

I’ve been treated to some wonderful sunsets so it’s not all bad.

But not everything is happy in this heat. The pumpkin patches are sulking but soon spring back to life after a good soaking. The wilting foliage gives me the opportunity to see the baby Uchiki Kuri squash growing.

Sadly the winter cabbage seedlings have been difficult to keep going, even in the house away from the harsh sun the heat is just too much. Apart from putting them in the fridge there wasn’t much else I could do. I have lost a lot but have enough to use IF they survive.

No amount of water is going to revive this one!

January King cabbage has fared better than the new variety I am trying this year, so there’s still a chance of winter cabbage stew. I’m sure I will be mighty grateful when the ‘shiver me timbers’ weather arrives again, but right now I couldn’t care less about a hot steaming stew. Actually, I might sow more as back ups…..

The cauliflowers however seem to be doing ok, just a little slow to get going.

And of course, there are some benefits to heatwave weather – ice cream lollies! Yay! The sticks make perfect plant labels so that’s a perfect excuse to eat lots of them.

Still a bit of chocolate left on that lolly stick!

The greenhouse at home has become a harsh, inhospitable place.


Tomatoes plants are drooping and curling despite being sat in drip trays and monitoring water levels carefully. A number of the tomatoes have blossom end rot.

According to the weather app there’s a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. I really hope it brings some rain to cool things down. Stay safe and hydrated everyone!


6 thoughts on “Curl Up and Fry

  1. Your plot is certainly looking a lot better than mine, not surprising as my watering is generally rather minimal. I pick up discarded lolly sticks when I see them.
    Thanks, and you too. xx

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