Jubilee Weekend

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations began on Thursday with Trooping the Colour, after watching it on TV I set off for the allotment to raise a mug of tea to our Queen, then rolled up my sleeves to pick and plant veg!

The broad beans are in full swing giving regular little harvests. The Sutton are much shorter than the usual autumn types which means they don’t require any support or staking, therefore less likely to topple over.

Onions are doing well in clumps, I harvest a few immature onions at a time to use in salads and the remainder will be left to bulb up to form medium-sized onions. This way works brilliantly to grow lots of onions in a smaller space.

I planted out summer cabbages, Brussels sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli, covering each bed with fine netting.

I noticed bees enjoying the comfrey, I have several plants in the flower patches.

There’s no sign of the blue tit chicks in the bird box now so I’m assuming they moved on to the next stage of their lives. Good luck little ones!

I took full advantage of the 4-day bank holiday weekend by spending as much time on the allotment as I could, the weather was pleasant and I managed to get plenty done including the new shed base on Plot 11w.

I also cleared the old strawberry bed using a fork to lift deep-rooted weeds that have accumulated over the years, including a bramble and couch grass, the strawberries were much easier to remove and only required a hand trowel. The bed needs fixing before topping it up with compost.

It rained heavily overnight and early this morning so it’s a bit soggy today, I went to the allotment anyway just to check the shed base. I stopped for a chat with other plot holders before heading home to watch more jubilee celebrations on TV.


10 thoughts on “Jubilee Weekend

  1. You were busy, and it’s al looking and sounding good. My comfrey plants have been buzzing with bees as well. I cleared and replanted my strawberry plants earlier in the year, a job well worth doing. The weather was mostly damp and dull over the weekend so I didn’t do any plotting. xx


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