Playing Catch-Up

It’s been a while since I did a proper allotment update, truth be told I haven’t been there very much so I’m a tad behind with everything. Today was all about spending time at my allotment and I managed to get quite a bit done.

After a mammoth weeding session up went the bean poles, which wasn’t easy with the ground being so dry from lack of rain. Even though it tipped it down while I was there the downpour did very little to the soil. It’s still as dry as a bone.

After 4 cans of water I still had trouble pushing the poles into the ground, this usually does the trick!

I planted out asparagus plants grown from seed back in February, I gave them a good drenching to settle them in.

I’m really excited to watch this bed develop, and in a couple of years I might just be cutting my very first spear.

Just to make me feel better about having hardly anything planted out, here are the Charlotte potatoes I threw in the ground late April.

I snacked on broad beans while I worked, a delicious treat raw!

I think it’s going to be a good year for soft fruit!

This area is where my second shed will eventually be, the weed fabric was rolled back a few months ago in preparation for the shed base to go down, which still hasn’t happened yet. As I said before. I haven’t really been to the allotment very much this year with one thing or another going on. As you can see the weeds have taken advantage of my absence! This is what happens on allotments if you don’t go and tend to them, luckily this area isn’t for planting and only a small area will need working, once the slabs are down the rest will go under the weed fabric and never be seen again. Ha!


9 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. It’s all looking lovely, I do like this time of year so much. I used to have a fantastic asparagus bed at the allotment, it really is one of the most satisfying crops to grow. Your broad beans are looking fantastic, they’re so delicious raw aren’t they. The first harvests of the year are always such a treat.


  2. We have asparagus in our garden as well. The harvest is just finished now but we had a good crop.
    We had big problem with the asparagus beetle, which almost destroyed our plantation. We had to collect the beetles by hand 3 times a day during summer for several years.
    Now we let the chickens during winter to look for larvae.


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