Free Pea Sticks

I have a decent patch of autumn fruiting raspberries in my garden at home, they grow a little wild sending out runners everywhere but I quite like that. During winter I chop the whole lot down to the ground and put the spent canes somewhere dry, usually the greenhouse or shed. When the time comes to sow peas I use the old raspberry canes as pea sticks, pushing the canes into the soil around the pea rows. Not only do they give the pea plants something to cling to as they grow, the spiky canes form a sort of barrier, protecting the young seedlings from pests such as slugs, snails and pigeons.

Spent raspberry canes make great pea sticks and best of all they’re free and readily available! 


5 thoughts on “Free Pea Sticks

  1. We have a ready supply of hazel twigs that we use to support our peas. We planted a couple of bushes some years ago and usually pollard one each year. I have never heard of Jaguar peas maybe one to look out for.


    1. Hi CJ, I find the prickly canes help to keep slugs and snails to a minimum and pigeons off very young seedlings. I love sugar snap too, there’s a purple variety called ‘Sugar Magnolia’ that I’d love to try over at Real Seeds.


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