Tidying the Plot

It’s December already, the month I took on Plot 5 almost a year ago! The weekend was gloriously sunny after frosty starts, I spent Saturday morning at the plot ticking jobs off my list before winter arrives.

taking bean poles down

A job that really needed doing was to take the bean poles down. Leaning precariously and held in place only by old bean vines, I set to work unravelling and cutting to release the poles before they finally fell down. This is a job I always dread doing, to me it’s the final farewell to summer.

The next job was to add the wooden shelving unit I salvaged from the original shed on Plot 5, it’s perfect for storage which my tiny shed really needed, the floor was getting crowded with all my stuff dumped in every corner! Everything needed to be taken out of the shed to get the shelving unit in so I took the opportunity to give the muddy floor a sweep.

inside allotment shed

For now the shed is tidy again and somewhere cosy to pop inside for a cup of tea during the cold winter months. Over the past few weekends I’ve managed to get most of the weeding done and almost finished mulching the pumpkin bed with well rotted manure, just a small section left that has some stubborn brambles growing through to deal with.

muddy veg

The saturated ground is sticky clay in places, which makes it a very messy and slippery affair lifting roots! Still, they’re so delicious it’s worth the extra effort.

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  1. Neil says:

    What a Superb shed. I have an old kitchen sink I intend setting up next to my shed to pre wash my veg before taking it home.


    1. Thanks Neil, it’s quite a small shed but I’ve managed to get everything I need inside, during summer it gets a bit squashy! I like the sink idea, sounds great!


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