Summer On My Mind

A British summer without strawberries? Not on my plot!

I finished the new strawberry bed last month which I was certain I’d already blogged about, but looking through my published blog posts it’s clear I didn’t. I’m getting old.


Anyway, back to the strawberries. I removed a large section of grass in front of the shed to create a strawberry bed, digging in plenty of organic compost and well-rotted manure to give the soil a good feed and boost.

strawberry runners

I plan to use runners at the plot taken from my garden strawberries, variety Cambridge Favourite which is great for jams. I’ve planted out the best plants for now and will add the rest in spring once they’ve caught up with developing a good root system. I’m squeezing in as much as I possibly can on plot 33 and strawberries are a must.


I can’t wait for the scent of strawberries to fill the air, I plan to sit on the shed step and scoff my face full. Summer’s out of reach but planning for the arrival means it’s never far away in my mind.


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