Watering Can Weather

September certainly arrived in style bringing baby blue sky and warm sunshine. I spent most of today at the allotment, weeding and digging over the side paths. I plan to plant fruit bushes alongside the rhubarb patch leaving just a central path through the plot that will eventually be grass. It wasn’t preferable digging weather but nice to be warmed by the sun again.

digging out paths

When I took on my neglected allotment I worked it in sections, having paths all the way round clearly defined these areas and helped me visualise the growing space better which is hard to do when the ground is enveloped by waist-high weeds. With each new area being tamed I soon realised I needed more growing space to easily grow all the things I like to eat, my plot is quite small so removing the side paths created more growing space for crops that require a lot of room such as winter squash and Brassica. 

digging out the paths


I use boards to gain access to the soil for planting and weeding etc, they help to distribute weight evenly and avoid compacting the soil.


Before leaving for home I watered everything, including little seedlings peeking through in the old trough.


It’s lovely seeing new life springing up as we hurtle towards autumn, I’m still hopeful for a late crop of radish at least!


2 thoughts on “Watering Can Weather

    1. Thank you, Carolee! I’m so happy with how it’s changing, from a neglected patch to somewhere I can go to escape everyday life and pick lovely food too. The rhubarb is looking amazing, I pretty much left it alone this year, just removing flower stalks as they appeared.


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