New Fence and Planting

Last weekend I had a bit of help to put a fence around the allotment using chicken wire and fencing pins to keep rabbits and deer out. With the protective fencing in place I began the very first bit of planting on plot 33 with sunflowers, cosmos, zinnia and winter squash in the large beds. Sweetcorn, more squash and beans are hardening off at home before they also make their way to the plot.


Using locally coppiced hazel poles and natural jute twine (to tie the poles together securely at the top) I put together a wigwam for borlotti beans, I just love how rustic hazel poles look. The recent rain made it much easier to push the poles into the soil.

sunflowers and cosmos

Next to the shed (where the previous compost bin was) I planted Velvet Queen and Black Magic multi-branching sunflowers, the colours are beautiful and I love growing them in the kitchen garden at home. Cosmos are planted towards the front to fill out the area with frilly texture and pretty blooms, bees and butterflies love them. The old trough was abandoned for years so I put it to good use planting it with zinnia (they can be tricky so fingers crossed they grow well), I’m super happy to have some flowers growing on the plot already.

allotment shed

allotment shed

Working on an allotment is thirsty work and my little camping stove comes in handy for making tea. I think it’s going to get a lot of use….

dig for victory mug

camping stove

Thundery downpours are forecast for our region today and brightening up again from the weekend. I have a little bit more painting to do inside the shed and then it will be ready for the shelf to go up.

allotment shed

My little plot is really coming together already, luckily it wasn’t completely overgrown (allotments usually are when you take them on) thanks to the previous owner covering half of it over to keep weeds down and the time of year I took it on helped loads. If you’re taking on a new allotment take photos before you start working your plot, you’ll be amazed when you look back at them and see how far you’ve come. It gives you a great sense of achievement.

Happy gardening!


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