New Residents on Plot 5

While weeding the cut flower patch next to the allotment shed I began hearing loud cheeping sounds, looking up towards the bird box on the shed I saw a tiny yellow beak and pair of eyes at the entrance hole. I put some distance between us and along came a parent blue tit with juicy… Continue reading New Residents on Plot 5

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Wellies and Walkies

The month us gardeners yearn for is finally here and it has been a rather soggy start. My wellies are needed once again, but this time for walks with Rosie in the rain. Rosie and I pass through the allotments on our walks, we have a little look and sniff around (Rosie does the sniffing)… Continue reading Wellies and Walkies


Big Garden BirdWatch 2022

Big Garden Birdwatch 2022 starts today and I’ve just taken part! This is my 12th year doing so and I look forward to it every year. It's free, fun and a great way to be involved with keeping an eye on your local wildlife. How do I take part? Identify and count the number of wild… Continue reading Big Garden BirdWatch 2022


Pollinator Plans

Sunny weather continues to encourage lots of pollinators to the plot. The tubes in the solitary bee box on the shed are filling with mud-sealed nests and I've seen a few butterflies on the wing which are my absolute favourite pollinators of all, I just adore them, even Cabbage Whites but obviously not on the… Continue reading Pollinator Plans