Blackcurrant Cake

I'm harvesting punnet after punnet of blackcurrants at the moment even though just one bush out of three is fruiting. The other two are resting up this year, due to near-death-by-red-ant-nest and sulking from being moved. The thought of all three bushes producing together is actually a bit scary. With plenty of jam squirreled away… Continue reading Blackcurrant Cake


More Harvests

Last week was hot and Friday in particular reached a ridiculous temperature. Sadly, I lost one of my chickens to heat stress despite my best efforts. The weekend was all change, much cooler with heavy rain, and even though it tipped down for most of Saturday the ground is still quite dry. The lush potato… Continue reading More Harvests


For The Love Of Blackcurrants

Last month I planted 3 new blackcurrant bushes on plot 33, extending my little fruit patch which is really exciting. I just adore blackcurrants, even the fragrance released from crushed leaves gets my taste buds going wild, although I've heard many say the smell is similar to cat pee. Well, I guess I'm just a… Continue reading For The Love Of Blackcurrants