End of Year Allotment Visit

Today I grabbed the chance to get out in the fresh air and blow some cobwebs away at the allotment, I enjoy visiting for a potter around and the peace and quiet was a tonic after busy Christmas shenanigans. I had a couple of things to do on the plot but first up the kettle… Continue reading End of Year Allotment Visit


Digging for Dinner

The big thaw happened this week with daytime temperatures jumping from -7C to 13C pretty much overnight. Bonkers or what? The ground is easy to work again just in time to harvest some Christmas dinner veg, but it certainly didn't feel very Christmassy today in the heavy rain. It has rained quite heavily since Monday… Continue reading Digging for Dinner



The UK has been gripped by an arctic blast for several days with temperatures plummeting well below freezing. I'm reading reports of temperatures dipping as low as -15C last night in Scotland. Yikes! Thankfully it's not as cold as that in my region of SE England but it's still bitterly cold. A light dusting of… Continue reading Frozen

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Holy Voley

Visits to the allotment stopped around late summer due to close family bereavement. Last month I began visiting again after some time out and noticed the carrots were disappearing, I assumed it was slugs having the time of their lives after a summer of hiding from the sun, but then out of the corner of… Continue reading Holy Voley


Leeks On Fleek

Seeing photos of strapping leeks on other allotment blogs and Instagram left me with a serious case of leek envy. For years I've found growing leeks for the table impossible, unless eating mushy pulp with maggots is a thing? I like to think I'm tolerant of the hidden surprises within organic vegetables but that's taking… Continue reading Leeks On Fleek


Allotment Jobs for December

December is a great month to finish tidying, tackle repairs to structures and generally plan and look forward to the coming growing season! Spread a thick layer of well-rotted manure or fresh compost on empty beds – feed your soil! Harvest Brussels sprouts from the bottom up Winter is a good time to clean tools and… Continue reading Allotment Jobs for December