Monthly Jobs

Jobs For March

March is an exciting and busy time, seed sowing can really begin now but always keep an eye on weather conditions and try to plan ahead, far better to follow the weather than the calendar. … Continue reading Jobs For March

carrot seedlings

Jobs For May

May is the month when seed sowing is in full swing, space in the greenhouse is filling up fast with seed trays and pots. Hardier crops started earlier in the year should be hardened off during … Continue reading Jobs For May

Jobs For June

The weather is starting to warm and everything is growing quicker, including weeds! The risk of frost diminishes and crops such as beans and squash can be planted out or sown. You may even be harvesting potatoes, broad … Continue reading Jobs For June

Jobs For July

Summer is in full swing and harvests are coming more frequent. There’s plenty to pick and plenty to do on the allotment such as watering and keeping up with the weeding which can feel like … Continue reading Jobs For July

Jobs For August

All the hard work is starting to pay off, the allotment is producing plenty to take home to the kitchen. Beans and courgettes will need picking daily; blanche and freeze beans to avoid a glut or waste, try to … Continue reading Jobs For August

Jobs For September

There’s still plenty to harvest this month including beans and courgettes, autumn raspberries and other berries should be plentiful too. Pumpkins should be swelling nicely, deepening in colour ready for harvesting from next month onwards. Keep picking … Continue reading Jobs For September

Jobs For October

Clocks go back, days are drawing in quick and the threat of the first frost looms. Cold biting winds, falling leaves and dreary weather are signalling the end of the gardening year, take a moment to look around … Continue reading Jobs For October

Jobs For November

Fading light conditions can make time for the allotment almost impossible if you’re busy or work full time. It’s well worth removing weeds and spreading manure or organic compost if you can. Being productive … Continue reading Jobs For November

Jobs For December

December is a great month to finish tidying, tackle repairs to structures and generally plan and look forward to the coming growing season! Spread a thick layer of well-rotted manure or fresh compost on empty beds … Continue reading Jobs For December