Allotments in the Snow

Snow fell on Bedfordshire today, it doesn’t snow very often here but when it does it usually settles. I couldn’t resist getting the camera out and visiting the allotment.

Snow makes everything look so fresh and bright, it makes my shed look yellow rather than cream!

The air was fresh and invigorating, and it was eerily quiet at the allotment today but I rather liked it.

Poor old frozen scarecrow

I love wandering around allotments looking at other plots, not just on my site but others too. Each plot is different in its own way and I love that, from the slightly ramshackle to the neat and tidy magazine-worthy, I find all allotments equally beautiful and inspiring. Today in the snow the plots all looked exactly the same, each one a blank canvas and magical.

I took my dog along with me for the walk, she’s 11.5 years old and starting to slow down a bit now but she had such fun racing around the community orchard, I don’t let her off lead while we walk around the allotments, not that the other plot holders mind.

After taking in the peace and serenity I made my way home, with a rather tired dog!


12 thoughts on “Allotments in the Snow

  1. My dog loves a good snowy day too but I am ready for a bit of sunshine please, had enough snow for this winter thank you very much!


  2. Thanks for taking and sharing these beautiful snow photos. I miss snow (from my childhood) and we never get it where I live now. I felt I could almost hear the blanketed quiet and the crunching of the footfall and the happy loping doggie friend.

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  3. Lovely post and pictures, all very wintry. I looked round my plot this morning to see lots of bird and fox tracks criss-crossing it, and boot prints on the paths and roadway. xx

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    1. Thank you Flighty! Funnily enough I also looked for fox tracks, but in my garden at home because I was convinced a fox was living in the very dense shrubbery near the house. Our dog senses something. I haven’t found any evidence to back this up so perhaps it’s just the local cats hanging out!

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  4. Wow, what a lot of snow. Interestingly, when I came to England in 1968 I lived in Ampthill, a small Bedfordshire town and worked in the local Cheshire Home – perhaps you know it? That winter we had a lot of snow too.

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